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How Does SEO Work?

How Does SEO Work?

Search Engine Optimization in Kansas City

It’s not easy to get your website noticed on the Web. Your Web pages may provide the most important information about your Kansas City business, but still might not attract many new potential customers (because they can’t find your website!). One of the most effective ways to improve traffic to your website is by gaining high organic search engine rankings on Yahoo, Bing and especially Google. You may hear people refer to rankings as SERPs which means search engine return pages.


Let’s assume that you have created a Web site with authoritative, definitive content on a subject pertaining to your Kansas City small businesses. Your website, however, is so new that it hasn’t even been listed (or indexed) on any of the search engines. Your first step may be to submit your new Web site to search engines. The Web pages on your Kansas City company website should include useful text content, videos, images, guides, links and other digital resources. Even with the best web design and best kinds of content about your products or services on the Web, your site will most likely not be able pop into the top page of search results on the major search engines. When people search for your local Kansas City products or services via the keywords that are most relevant to your business, they may end up clicking on competing, lower quality Web sites because your site isn’t included among the top search results.  In most case, you need to apply SEO strategies and methods to propel your website into the first page of organic search results.


In terms of Kansas City SEO services, many KC search engine companies try to keep their processes a secret – usually because they are using risky, short-cut methods to achieve temporary search engine ranking results. Yet, the criteria for higher positions in not a secret. Search engines are useful if they provide their users with links to the best, most relevant sites on the Internet. If your website is truly the best for your type of business, it benefits Google, to list your website at the top of the SERPs. Your business just has to find a way, or an SEO consulting partner, to show the major search engines that your company’s website belongs at the top. That’s where our brand of Kansas City search engine optimization (SEO) comes into play – it’s a proprietary collection of methods and techniques a business owner or webmaster can use to attain higher search engine positions.


So how do we do it?  In the early days of search engine optimization, SEO companies focused almost exclusively on link building, or back link building.  When we say ‘links’, we me a link from a third party website that links back to your website.  Google used to count (and to some degree, still does) the number and quality of links pointing back to your website.  Each link is counted as a vote and some votes are worth more that others.  This means that a link from CNN would be worth a lot more, in terms or search engine value, than link from a smaller, less trafficked website.  The type, method and even location of a link on a website has value as well.  The main point is that link popularity was the most important ranking driving factor for search engine rankings for many years.  An over emphasis on link building gave way to SEO companies trying to develop automated ways, shortcuts and by exploiting other loopholes in order to create a  large volume of back links.  This method worked for a long time.


Search engine companies have spent a lot of time and money trying to prevent people from ‘gaming’ search engine results.  In addition, new methods of online interaction, especially social networking, have give the search engines another way to measure website quality and relevance.  Further, the search engines have also developed new ways to detect, neutralize and even penalize link building techniques that violate their ever-rigid guidelines and policies.


Our main goal is to develop a website that has the best potential to achieve long term, sustainable search engine rank.  Doing it the ‘right way’ takes planning, time and commitment. Our ongoing SEO services include using creative ways to get you the optimal volume of high quality links.  We use blogging, guest blogging, direct outreach and other innovative ways to get high quality relevant links back to your site.  We also have unique ways to leverage your offline partnerships and traditional business channels into online assets.  We will develop custom, cost-effective methods to build your website with great video, graphic and text content.  We will also help you establish and strengthen your social network and online content distribution channels.  Our comprehensive business-like approach is very different than what you will find in design-only firms.


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Web Design Kansas City

Web Design Kansas City

Full Service SEO Web Design Company

Search engine optimization starts during the design phase and at the first line of website code. Creating an attractive website with great content takes a lot of effort. The best website designers will reverse engineer a design based on actual search engine behavior.  Our KC web designers are trained in search engine optimization.  Our team will integrate your overall marketing goals with best practices in navigation and user experience.


Well-planned website architecture is the heart of a company’s total online presence. An award winning website is not enough.  In fact, the Internet is littered with beautiful websites that most people never see. Your company’s website needs to be visible at the exact moment potential customers are searching for your products and services. Otherwise, your business has no chance of capturing the sale.


Our Internet marketing services include the integration your small business marketing strategy.  If your website goals are not calibrated with your overall business goals, the website will fail.   Our team has been creating SEO friendly websites for over ten years.  We are a boutique agency that focuses on small business websites that are engineered for maximum website visibility.  Our approach is comprehensive and our services include Internet marketing, website design, pay-per-click (Adwords), search engine marketing, analytics, conversion optimization and social media marketing, content marketing and branding programs.


SEO Web Design Engineering

Web design and SEO are different, but the most successful websites combine them at the very beginning. Many web design companies in Kansas City offer services to create a pretty websites. Most designers care about design and are not willing to make the tradeoffs needed to achieve search engine rank.  Think of a successful online presence in terms of a Nascar race.  You need a cutting edge race car to have a chance at winning.  Yet, without a talented driver, the car won’t go anywhere and can’t even compete.  Your SEO strategy and ongoing Internet marketing is your driver.  The best drivers with the best cars win the most races.  This is exactly how SEO works.


Search Engine Optimization: SEO

When it comes to “popping up first on Google”, just about everyone knows that organic Search Engine Optimization is the key appearing in the natural results. SEO is crucial for your company’s website visibility and typically yields the highest return on investment. Every company in Kansas City wants to obtain top search engine rankings for their keywords. Our KC SEO agency offers free SEO tools and analysis for metro area businesses.  We also offer free seminars and classroom training.


Pay Per Click: PPC

Organic Search Engine Optimization results are both the most coveted and most difficult to achieve.  Organic SEO takes time and is unpredictable.  The search engines improve their ranking algorithms almost daily, with major updates occurring every once or twice a year.  Simply put, your business should not depend solely on organic SEO.  By supplementing SEO with a paid search engine marketing program (PPC), your business can get highly targeted visibility in an instant. Ideally, every Kansas City business should have a PPC program in addition to an organic SEO program.


Website Analytics

The end goal of an SEO friendly website is to open new markets and generate more revenues for your business.  In order to measure the return on investment, your company needs to analyze its website traffic on a regular basis.  Your business needs to understand where each click comes from, how long they spend on your site, what pages they visit, and what percentage of traffic converts into a lead or a sale.


Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media is the new darling of search engine optimization.  For the last several years, SEO agencies could deliver sustainable organic search engine ranking with passive link building strategies. Signals from social media networks are now a very important way that the major search engine determine the quality and relevance of a web page.  Aside from the SEO value, your social networking channels are a fundamental way to build and brand and create market demand for your products.  A carefully planned, strategic social media marketing strategy includes identifying the platforms that offer the most potential and higher ROI for your business. Some tactical approaches include community building and online branding.  Social media marketing also include vigilant monitoring of your business’s online reputation.



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Web Design

WordPress is the best content management system (CMS) and its extremely SEO friendly.  more info  

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All marketing roads lead back to your website.  SEO is your digital throttle.  more info  


Our SEO service program includes full-service website maintenance.  Its a great deal. more info 

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