Make no mistake – content marketing is one of the most effective techniques in online marketing today.  It is an essential piece of the puzzle.

However, anyone that doesn’t write or dive into marketing for a living may be intimidated.  Ssome tips that we will also explore:

  1. Make your content useful.  You want your content to provide value to your readers.  Try asking yourself if the piece would get a lot of shares on social media to determine if it’s useful.
  2. Provide consistent velocity.  Shoot for a number that you would like to meet in terms of velocity.  Consider the rule of thirds, which constitutes a segment of content about your product, content not about your product, and controversial content to “raise eyebrows.”
  3. Use Slideshare.  For certain industries, Slideshare can be a great distribution channel.
  4. Use LinkedIn.  LinkedIn is certainly a great place to share content.  Remember to do it occasionally and to have others in your company share it to provide greater visibility.
  5. Utilize email.  It’s easy to overlook email.  Put together some email campaigns to share your content and provide value to your audience.

These tips can help take away the intimidation factor for content marketing.  Once you start, you can expand and choose items that fit your business the best.