Content marketing should be designed to communicate what you do, not what you sell.  Effectively engaging your audience is the first crucial step towards interactions with them, and keeping your brand first and foremost in their mind the next time they need someone in your arena of expertise.  It can be challenging, however, to successfully promo your business or brand without a structured plan to help you remain focused and consistent in your marketing efforts.

Following are five suggestions for what to include in your content marketing that helps engage your customers and clientele every step of the way:

  1. Take outside chatter to heart.  Listen to what’s being said about your brand via social media, site feedback, blog comments, etc.  Customer surveys are helpful to find out why they chose you and why they return for your services.  Identify similarities in comments, both positive and negative.  These can be your building blocks for a firmer business foundation.
  2. Brand your story so that you stand apart from competitors in a valuable and interesting way.  Never over-exaggerate or speak untruths, but sell your brand with fresh ‘eyes.’
  3. Establish your story.  As your business progresses, link your brand to the stories relative to your products/services in a way that prospects and customers can identify with needing them.
  4. Engage audience to converse with you both online and offline.  Use comment boxes or online surveys.  You may wish to speak to them personally offline, conduct periodic written surveys, or take your business on the road to specific locations to target your audience.
  5. Use content distribution to extend your brand’s awareness.  Using other websites that will promote your brand is one way to branch out.  Social medias, such as Facebook or Pinterest, are another means of targeting audiences to help promote your story aside from your website and blog. Broadcasting and video are other recognized options.

As changes occur within your business, it’s vital to continue to think outside the box to keep your business alive and fresh while guiding your audience towards your services.  This can be challenging.  A professional firm with expertise in content marketing is a powerful tool for accomplishing this important step of your business.