So you’ve got a great business model in place and you’re doing everything that you can to attract new customers, including content marketing. That’s a great start. However, as with most efforts in growing your business, perhaps it’s time to take your content marketing up a notch.

Here are some things that you can do to improve your content marketing.

1. Express emotions/responses with animated GIFs. Gone are the days of the dry, overly wordy “how to” articles. People in this BuzzFeed-driven culture are looking for infotainment. If you’re writing an article that’s describing how people are currently doing something incorrectly, why not spice it up a bit with a reaction GIF before informing your readers how to do it correctly? If you’re reporting about something good that has happened, throw in a happy animated GIF.

2. Use bullet points whenever possible. Make your content easy to scan. We live in a busy world, filled with ADD-stricken readers who have a lot of irons in the fire. Don’t bother trying to fight that reality, instead work with it. Make the high-level points of your content easy to read quickly, so that your audience can be impressed with your knowledge (as well as gain the necessary insight) without spending too much time in the content itself.

3. Make sure that you’re using Google Authorship. If you’re not a Google author, you should be. When producing content, it’s not just enough to have solid, key-word rich posts. Google will more fully “recognize” you as an authority figure in your particular discipline if you’re a Google author. This will require updating your Google+ account and adding a meta tag to your content header. Here’s a little primer on Google Authorship if you’re not sure about it.